Interview exclusive de Wendi Winburn

J'ai pu contacter Wendi Winburn, l'une des actrices principales du film, par e-mail, en passant par son site officiel ( ). Elle a très gentiment accepté que j'utilise les images du film qu'on peut trouver sur son site et m'a surtout donné un peu de son temps pour répondre à certaines de mes questions. Voici l'interview, en version originale :

Photo : Wendi Winburn dans Amazons and Gladiators

Could you give me a few words about your character and her part in the story?

HI! Sure! My character, Gwened is the older sister of the leading lady Serena. They were separated when their village is destroyed by Crassius who kills their parents and takes them away to his city. Serena escapes but Gwened becomes Crassius' mistress and he takes care of her, dressing her in beautiful gowns and attending gladiator fights together. Gwened is adventurous, has a sense of humor and full of life! 10 years after being separated, I see Serena again at a party. Serena is thrown into jail by Crassius and is sentenced to a battle to the death with another Amazon.

I go to help her in the jail and bring her a key to get her out of her cell and to save her life! I find her later being challenged by Crassius to kill her friend and then when he calls upon the archers to kill her, I run to rescue her and spare her from his wrath...I beg him to spare her if he loves me...he then slays me with his sword. My character is a little girl at heart...believing in the best in people and she believed Crassius really loved and cared for her, but he couldn't be humiliated in public and respond to her. This scene was really tough emotionally for me because I felt so betrayed by him!

Did you bring some of your own experience to build this character ?

I bring my own experience to every character I play! Every character must be well rounded and created from the ground up... it helps to bring in my own tragedies or heart ache into my roles to give me full dimension!

Do you choose a modern way in your acting or do you try to catch the point of view of a woman of this era ?

I chose a current point of view of love when it came to being with Crassius and dealing with my sister, but when I put the clothing on and makeup and hair, I felt my body language changed and my voice! I hadn't planned on it, I did some research on the time period and the role of being a mistress was one of fliration, pleasing, entertainment, challenge (but not too much)and on Gladiator fights and Amazons. It was interesting how the sets and costumes really get you involved in the role if you let yourself get immersed into your character, where you are, your point of view, etc..

In the movies, in opposition to the legend, the amazons always lose against the men, I think it's very disapointing. Do you think this movie respects Amazons and Women?

I think this movie was written by men and directed by men and created for men, like most movies made for Hollywood! Does that answer your question? I do like to see women win in physical battles since the only time you see it IS in the movies! I do like to see women in powerful positions myself, even if it is fantasy! although I think her outfit was supposed to be purely titilating!


Is it fun to be in a sword and sandals movie ?

It was really fun! I would love to do it again!

Have you seen Sword and Sandals movies and what is your favorite (the one you would bring with you in a desert island) ?

I haven't seen that many! I saw Legend...does that count? I loved the Princess Bride (does that count?)...I actually love Star Wars! (Do light sabers count?) I liked Princess Lea since she was tough but pretty and had a brain! :)

In your interview in Ziggy's page, I realize you've got an interest in editing, shooting, setting and costume, would you like to become more involved in the production of a movie ?

The only involvement other than acting I'd like is to write! I have a lot of great ideas that are funny about women's lives when they are single in LA! ;) I hope this interview answers all of your questions! Love, Wendi

Je tiens une nouvelle fois à remercier Wendi Winburn pour sa gentillesse et sa disponibilté.

I have no words to express my gratefulness Mrs Winburn. I wish to see you more and more in the screen.

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